The technology of games is updated every day to meet the expectations of your community, and its progress is so great that it is currently influencing Hollywood film productions – at least that is what Kim Libreri believes. Libreri is a recognized professional specializing in visual effects, who has participated in the production of several films, the most famous of which are Planet of the Apes: War and Artificial Intelligence.

For nine years, he worked with Unreal Engine, a graphics engine widely used in the production of computer games that was popularized with the production of the Fortnite game. Although the game is one of the most popular in the world, there are other ways to enjoy it, and among those that are gaining more prominence is betting online in safe casinos, because in addition to providing a good challenge, it is a guarantee of entertainment. The Unreal Engine is a tool owned by Epic Games, and its technology provides a variety of components and tools necessary for a game designer to do their job. However, it has also been attracting the attention of television and film producers.

Using gamer technology to avoid crowds

A few years ago, the film industry started using the same resources used in the production of games. Examples are the processes of mapping scenes in 3D through photographs, storyboards, animations, among others. However, with the current global crisis, the film and television industry has faced a challenge, making it the only alternative to use game technology even more. An example is the ability of graphics engines to create scenes in which large crowds appear. “An extra has to be fed, dressed and housed in a movie set. Now we can replicate large crowd scenes with computer technology and have only our main actors in the foreground, “said Hunt.

This feature was used recently in the film, Rocketman, which deals with the first phase of Elton John’s musical career. In one of the main scenes, the fully loaded Los Angeles Dodgers stadium is shown during a show. However, the scene was recorded at Shepperton Studios in England, with only the main actor, Taron Egerton, and the crowd that appears in the scene was created from 3D graphics projected on LED walls. “LED walls are becoming more popular in film and television production because they allow filmmakers to capture visual effects on the camera and manipulate digital objects in a scene in real time.” says Libreri.

The PlayStation 2 EyeToy

Much like a webcam, it was an accessory launched for the PlayStation 2. In fact, it does not differ much from a computer camera. With a small size, it is digital, in color and has a built-in microphone to capture not only images, but sounds as well. The camera is usually positioned on top of the television or console and plugged into the USB port.

The camera, through a computerized view, is capable of processing images that are captured by it. Therefore, it is possible to interact with several games by making movements in front of her, as she soon detects color variations and transforms this into commands for the games.

From that, the player really started to participate in a huge amount of games. In several games in the SingStar series, the player can see himself within the game while singing. In others, like The Urbz, a photo of the player is enough to appear on posters within the game. Racing Battle: C1 Grand Prix allowed the player to create textures to put on the body of his car.

Experience of EyeToy

EyeToy: Play Sports was able to allow a slightly greater experience, using the real movement of the players to perform the most varied activities within the game – in addition to a lot of comedy. Excellent interaction. It is not known why the technology did not really hit the ground, since the PlayStation 2 already offers good processing power, but it was a great idea.