Also known as Atty, an atomiser is the part which transforms vape juice into fume (actually an airborne).


Tobacco cigarette. A flippant method of separating an e-cig from an ‘simple’ smoke.


Hostile to Nicotine and Tobacco Zealots: Typically individuals from against tobacco gatherings, yet in addition unaffiliated people who hold solid, informal convictions about the risks and nature of nicotine, and who connive in keeping the general population in obscurity about the security of non-smoked tobacco items comparative with smoking.


The segment part of a vaping gadget which causes e-fluid to transform into a fume. Contains at least one loops of obstruction wire, and arrives in a huge number of organizations relying upon the gadget.

Amp: Ampere

An ampere is the global arrangement of units unit of electric flow. Flows going through vaping items are in the Milliamps (a great many an amp) range.


A component on some vaping gadgets where the vape is produced when the client puffs, instead of by squeezing a catch.

Throughout the Day Vape

Some vapers have an eliquid or eliquid/gadget combo which they use ‘throughout the day’. Some vapers will have other vapes for various conditions.

APV: Advanced Personal Vaporizer

A vaping gadget with high battery limit and progressed microelectronic highlights like the capacity to change the voltage or wattage, or the capacity to screen puffs taken.

AWG: American Wire Guage

A North American arrangement of estimation for the width of electrically leading wire



Um, a battery! Albeit in this specific circumstance, “battery” frequently alludes to the entire ‘power unit’ of an e-cigarette or eGo type gadget (for example counting the switch, LEDs and stringing for cartomiser or vape tank). Numerous different batteries are utilized in Mods/APVs

B&M: Bricks and Mortar

Now and again know as “vape stores”, these have jumped MY BAR Peach Ice up across America and different pieces of the world lately.

BCC: Bottom Coil Changeable

A vape tank plan in which the curl sits at the base (battery end). The loop is housed in a defensive unit which is supplanted routinely.

BDC: Bottom Dual-Coil Cartomizer

Like the abovementioned, however uses twin-loops for more noteworthy execution.


Void (I.e. not prefilled) cartomizers which vapers buy to load up with their number one e-fluid

Box Mod

A mod in a crate shape! Has various benefits over round and hollow gadgets, for example, the capacity to contain extra usefulness in an arrangement that solitary a cuboid shape can allow. The container mod structure factor is liked by numerous vapers. In the event that you are contemplating buying one, look at our manual for purchasing your first box mod.